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We practice hypnosis and NLP techniques to approach and solve specific issues we are sometimes confronted with such as anxiety, phobia, weight issues, addictions, and smoking.

Hypnosis is a change or alteration of a person's subjective experience by means of verbal and nonverbal communication. We use at present often hypnosis without trance, what is waking hypnosis without any relaxation and trance induction. In addition to hypnotherapy, we teach our customers our tools for their own use and development. We have no connection to, and reject any religious doctrines or sectarian convictions.

We believe in our capability to create the best life we can imagine and we desire to live in our individual way, which we can improve with meditative and hypnosis practices. We like sometimes to play with the edges or doors of perception of reality.

We help you to find your true self and get rid of and let go of parts which are not you, but are placed on you by others, culture or media.

Discover our approach to access and re-establish self control, your inner strength and confidence, and to enjoy an increased life experience.

Our scope is teaching people skills to enhance their life quality and to get an exciting positive outcome in each situation. Sessions are available online or face to face. Presently we use mostly online sessions. Hypnosis is with some adaptations just as effective online as done face to face, and you can stay at home in a safe place to experience it and to contribute to your personal development.

If you'd like to know more about how online hypnotherapy works, or you want to work on a certain issue, please contact us.

We currently focus on the following main topics
Every human being has a lot of inner resources for organizing an awesome life with fulfillment and excitement.
Often there is a certain life topic that we humans repeatedly encounter and that challenges us again and again.

Please feel free to contact us for a 10 min free conversation online or over the phone.

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